Disk Space Management for OS X

Disk Space Management for OS X

The Importance of Disk Space Management for OS X

Your MacBook won’t store another file? New hardware can be quite expensive, the same goes for cloud storage. There is no other way: it’s time to find space hogs and get rid of them.

Better yet: Check disk space usage regularly and never let unwanted or redundand files pile up and clutter your hard disk.

The disk space manager TreeSize Professional is Windows-only, but if you are looking for TreeSize for Mac there are some other options you can use to clean up precious disk space.

When it comes to visualizations, some prefer tree maps while others swear on sunburst charts – but they agree on one thing: A good visualization really helps when cleaning up disk space. There are several apps for disk space management for OS X. We have selected our two favorites for this presentation.


Disk Inventory X

If you prefer treemaps and want to check hard disk usage on your Mac, Disk Inventory X is your software! The disk usage utility works on Mac OS X 10.3 (and later versions) and combines a tree view with a graphical representation of disk space allocation.


Download Disk Inventory X for free.


An alternative to Disk Inventory YX is DaisyDisk. The software will scan your disks and displays disk space usage on a sunburst map. The app is cheap and fast and presents all folders and files in an interactive map. Large files can be identified, checked, and (if required) deleted.


DaisyDisk is available here.



The freeware GrandPerspective uses a treemap to visualize disk space usage. Thanks to the visualization, users can easily see which files and folders take up large amount of disk space.

GrandPerspective can be downloaded here.


Use the du Command Line

Did you know that the du („disk usage“) command line also works on Mac? If you do not require a visualization of disk space, you can use it to clean up your hard disk. Learn more about this useful tool here.