Disk Space Management on Android Devices

Manage Storage Space on Android Devices

Your Android tablet won’t save another movie? Your mobile phone can’t store any more photos? It’s time to clean up storage on your device. Most disk space managers will only scan mobile devices they recognize as drives. Mobile devices usually connect via the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). The result: most disk space managers will be unable to find and scan them.

TreeSize and TreeSize Free will not only scan mobile devices via MTP –  they also offer wireless scans for Android devices.

Scan via Media Transfer Protocol

Simply connect your smartphone, tablet or even non-android digital camera to your computer, select it in TreeSize and start the scan.


Scan via WebDAV

Most people connect their mobile devices to the wireless LAN whenver possible – why not use it to scan your smartphone? All you need is a WebDAV app.

  • Download a WebDAV app (we recommend WebDAV server by The Olive Tree).
  • Start the app and make note of the IP address assigned to your mobile device. If required, set a different port in the setting.
  • Enter the IP address in TreeSize and start the scan.
  • There you go: Check the largest files, use tree maps to get an overview on disk space and use all the features TreeSize has to offer to manage disk space.