TreeSize Professional

Better Disk Space Management For Windows, Amazon S3 and via SSH for Unix and Linux Servers

Your storage resources and among them servers, PCs, laptops will, over time, collect vast amounts of temporary, redundant, and unneeded files. Even the largest hard drive or your Amazon object store will fill up and you will end up out of disk space.

TreeSize will help!

Visualize disk space usage to effectively manage disk space! TreeSize will find

  • Old files
  • Large files
  • Temporary files
  • Duplicate Files

The disk space manager will also help you clean up your hard disk in no time.

Professional Disk Space Management Features

TreeSize Professional comes with an integrated File Search and will…

  • Visualize disk space distribution in tree maps and charts
  • Provide detailed information about files and folders
  • Collect a list of the 100 largest files
  • Sort disk space usage according to file type, size, owners, or age
  • Create automated reports
  • Help you compare snapshots to check unexpected disk usage growth


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