Database-based Server Space Management for Windows

SpaceObServer is your powerful and flexible server space manager for Windows. It stores file system information in a database, visualizes disk space usage, and shows developments over time.

Keep Your Servers Clean!

With SpaceObServer you can

  • automate scans and check your storage space in regular intervals,
  • use OLE Automation to start scans or export results from your own programs or scripts,
  • perform cross-platform SSH scans (e.g. Unix servers) and Exchange Mailbox scans,
  • analyze NTFS folder permissions
  • find old, large or duplicate files and even similar folders,
  • monitor your disk space and see patterns in disk space usage growth.

You can even access scans or control SpaceObServer remotely! The Add-ons SpaceObServer Remote Client and SpaceObServer Web Access offer a solution for every scenario.

Better Server Space Management

This is why SpaceObServer is the ideal solution for your server space:

  • SpaceObServer access the NTFS change journals of local drives and updates information continuously
  • The disk space manager will compare compare folder trees and find not only exact duplicates but also similar folders.
  • The fully customizable file search enables you to filter your files and gather the information you require.
  • Duplicate files can be deduplicated with NTFS Hard Links.
  • Entire directories can be autoamtically moved, zipped or deleted to free up server space.


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