Disk Space Management for Windows

disk space management for Windows


Better disk space management for Windows computers starts with TreeSize Professional! Clean up disk space, get rid of old and redundant files and keep an eye on your hard disk. TreeSize offers a wide range of visualization and reporting options and will present exactly the information you require.

Here’s how TreeSize can Help you Free Up Disk Space

Your hard drive or solid state disk is nearing capacity? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Install TreeSize and scan your hard drives. Select the paths you want to scan and let the disk space manager do the work. TreeSize will scan your drives and present a breakdown of data distribution on your hard disk or server.
  2. Visualize disk space usage. Sometimes seeing is believing. Use the charts to gain an overview where the disk space went.
  3. Who’s using up disk space? If more than one user works on your machine, TreeSize will show you who uses the most disk space.
  4. Take a look at the 100 largest files – maybe you’ll find one or two files you no longer need.


Getting started with TreeSize

After a first orientation it’s time to find the real space hogs – that’s what disk space management is about.

  1. Start the TreeSize File Search from the ribbon menu. It offers a wide range of predefined searches:
    • Large files: Find all files exceeding a certain file size.
    • Old files: If you haven’t used a file in the last three years, chances are, you won’t need it in the future. Find old and unused files.
    • Temporary files: Often temporary files are forgotten and left to fester. Have TreeSize list all temporary files and decide what to do with them.
    • Internet files: Web browser caches can fill up with large amounts of data – TreeSize can help!
    • Duplicate files: Imported Photos, copied movies, duplicated folders – redundant files eat up disk space.
  2. Run your searches! TreeSize will list the results, enabling you to check them and decide what to do:
    • archive the files to a ZIP file,
    • burn them to a DVD or CD – or simply migrate them to another location,
    • delete the files or move them to the recycling bin,
    • or pass search results to scripts or programs.
  3. You’re done! 


See for yourself what TreeSize can do for you!

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Check out the TreeSize video tutorials and learn how to clean up disk space.

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