TreeSize Scans Android Devices

Let’s start with the great news: TreeSize scans Android devices!

Android Storage Problems

„Insufficient storage“ – probably the last thing every smartphone user wants to see when trying to install a new app. Of course there are ways to solve the problem: Clear the cache (actually the first thing you should try), move apps to the SD card, delete temporary files and manually sift through the clutter of old downloads, saved WhatsApp pictures, and documents you’ve read a year ago.

The last point will turn into a chore. Checking files and deciding which to keep and which to remove is possible on an android device. However, it will take time and effort. Here’s where the great news comes into play: TreeSize can help!

TreeSize Scans Android Devices – Clean Up Storage Space

The developers at JAM Software knew the problem all too well. Luckily, they have found a way to make decluttering android smartphones and tablets easy. The disk space manager TreeSize is great for cleaning up Windows systems – why not use channels already in place to scan mobile devices?

TreeSize and TreeSize Free will scan mobile devices and enable you to weed out old or unwanted data – on the internal storage as well as your SD cards. Use all features TreeSize has to offer and reclaim precious space on your smartphone.

The treemap helps visualize storage space usage.

In TreeSize Professional, the treemap helps visualize storage space usage.

Find large folders with TreeSize Free or get the bigger version to gain access to the TreeSize File Search and many different visualization options. No matter which version, here’s what you do:

  • Connect your android device to your computer or download the WebDAV server.
  • Start TreeSize Professional or TreeSize Free.
  • Scan your device like you would scan a hard disk or an USB stick and get to work.

That’s it! Download TreeSize Professional or TreeSize Free and get to work.


The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.